Victor F M Torres

Copper Electroplating + 3D Printing + Capacitive Touch

Physical Interface Encyclopedia, 2013 is the result of some initial experiments with 3D Print Copper Electroplating, capacitive touch technology and Cultural Anthropology. The piece allows the participant interact with three-dimensional representations of three thought forms that are defined through videos upon touch. The videos act as encyclopedic entries and are lists of connotative attributions to the touched objects.

electropating 3d prints copper electropating 3d prints copper electropating 3d prints copper

Capacitive Touch + Bronze

In Acculturation Machine, 2015, participants were invited to touch bronze cast sculptures hard wired to a computer via a microcontroller in order to trigger projections and sound upon touch. High value pull up resistors (22MΩ) allows for accurate touch sensibility by running low current (3-5V) through solid copper pieces.
It attempts to place the participant in an exploratory mode. The sounds and images that come up as the participant touches the sculptures attempt to create denotative connections to each piece. All together the installation functions as a physical computing interface and simultaneously offers the participant the liminal space of the curious foreigner. Acculturation Machines are an ongoing project and are mostly site specific.

acculturation machine, 2015 Al, 2015 by victor torres

Design + Linguistics

Experiments with design and language. I have been exploring what makes culture by dissecting components of language such as the written form and mythology. I’ve been devising a series of symbolic structures to capture sounds and concepts so that I can use these systems to create information. It’s a highly abstract exercise that I believe has been yielding valuable insights into the nature of the limitations as well as augmentations that language poses to perception.

syllabary by victor f m torres